FCC proudly partners with several Christian and development organisations within UK and China. Many of these creative partnerships began when FCC was founded in 1984 and continue today.

China Forum, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

The China Forum is made up of representatives from member churches and agencies, Catholic and Protestant, which support work with Chinese churches and development agencies. The China Forum facilitates joint action and project collaboration. It is a way for effective partnerships with churches in China to flourish.

The Amity Foundation.

The Amity Foundation was the first faith-based non-government organisation (NGO) in China, founded in 1985. It was inspired and created by Christian leaders in China as a way to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ within Chinese society through health, education, social service and development and relief work. It has become a leader in NGO training, and is one of the most respected non-government organisations in China today.

The China Christian Council.

The China Christian Council is an independent umbrella organisation serving the ecclesial needs of Protestant churches in China. It formulates church order, publishes and distributes the Bible and a vast array of Christian materials. It is responsible for theological education through 21 theological colleges and coordinating continuing education and training programmes for churches, lay workers, evangelists and ministers throughout China. FCC has fruitful partnerships with several theological colleges, from helping with tuition and travel for those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, to hosting students in UK for who are engaged in academic research and development.

China Church Solidarity.

China Church Solidarity is a voluntary organisation within the worldwide Catholic tradition that encourages understanding, cooperation and mutually beneficial friendships between people the UK and China, based on respect for one another and in an ecumenical, interfaith and global context. The specific aim of CCS is to build bridges between the Catholic Churches of China and of Britain.

Scottish Churches China Group.

SCCG is ecumenical and brings together representatives from the main Christian churches and fellowships in Scotland who have an interest in China. SCCG has a unique partnership with Shengjing Hospital, Shenyang because of historical links, but also focuses on issues surrounding the elderly and those diagnosed with autism.