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FCC has supported a number of projects in China over the years usually through our partner organisations in China like The Amity Foundation, the Catholic Jinde Charities, and the China Christian Council.   Others have been been local independent projects.


FCC has recently donated funds to Amity to help provide new desksets for rural schools in impoverished areas.   These desks will go to a school in Longlin County, Guangxi province.



Our focus project for the last several years has been the Amity Foundation’s Rural Orphans’ Programme for which we encourage both individuals and local groups to help make a difference in the lives of these children and young people.  (See below how to give.)

The Amity Foundation set up its support programme for orphans in different parts of China in 2002.  FCC began supporting this invaluable work the following year. 

Since 2002 Amity has assisted over 8,000 children and teenagers with education, medical and daily living necessities.  The children supported through this project have been orphaned for many reasons, including some whose parents have died as a result of contracting HIV/AIDS.  The latter has had a severe impact on local communities, especially in central China’s Henan province. 

Many of these children are looked after by their grandparents, other elderly relations, and still others by kindhearted neighbours.  As there is often little income coming into these households, to remain in school children are in need of basic necessities like food, clothing and sometimes medical help.  Otherwise they may need to work in fields or significantly help out in the household just to survive.  Sometimes these children, who initially are being cared for by elderly relatives, end up themselves being carers for these relatives. 


FCC Support

Currently FCC supports a group of 20 children and teenagers, the majority in primary school, and some already in middle school.  Annual reports give us some idea of their progress and it is heartening to see their development! Some of the children were only 6 or 7 years old when we started, so we have now embarked on a third three-year period of support, to ensure that they have enough until they are into their teens. A recent FCC Study Visit group travelled to Henan and was able to visit several villages where children were supported through Amity’s Orphans’ Programme.  We learnt first-hand from the families involved and were very moved by their stories.

Support costs

Amity’s grant to these children makes every difference in their lives!

It costs just:

£150 a year for a child in compulsory schooling (up to age 15)

£300 a year for a child in senior high school*

£650 a year for a university student*

Each grant includes:

£70 living expenses

£25 medical expenses

£30 towards tuition

£10 clothing

£15 administration, etc.

*Senior high school students need higher costs for education and university studnts are given a scholarship, hence the higher annual costs.

Help make a difference

As the group of children that FCC sponsors grow older, many will hopefully continue on after compulsory school (up to aged 15).  In order to give these children some security we want to continue our annual contribution, currently around £4,500 until this group of children complete their schooling, which will be around 2020. 

You can help transform a child’s life.  Visit the Contact Page and choose Project Support to receive additional information. 




Through the generosity of our membership, where major disasters have wreaked devastation FCC has been able to support the relief and rehabilitation efforts of The Amity Foundation, Jinde Charities and the China Christian Council.  Recent donations have helped to aid emergency relief efforts in:

Ludian, near Zhaotong, Yunnan (2014)On 3 August 2014 at 4 o’clock in the afternoon an earthquake with a devastating force of 6.5 magnitude on the Richter scale struck Ludian County, Yunnan province. More than 600 people died and tens of thousands of homes collapsed. Ludian is remote, mountainous, and affected areas are difficult to get to in the best of conditions.

Ya’an, Gansu (2013) following an earthquake that claimed nearly 200 lives.  Quilts, bottled water, instant noodles, cooking oil and rice are all supplies that were immediately trucked into this remote region of China.

Zhaotong, Yunnan (2012) responding to Amity and Jinde Charities relief work following a 5.7 Richter scale quake that hit this region causing the loss of over 80 lives and the collapse of hundreds of thousands of homes.  Zhaotong, Yunnan has a particular interest to the FCC.  Zhaotong was the focus of British mission outreach for many years prior to 1949 especially amongst the Miao ethnic minority.  The Zhaotong Christian Council hosted several FCC Study Visit which included former missionaries and their families.  In 1999 FCC donated £7,000 for a new scanner at the Zhaotong Christian Hospital and primary school equipment at Panhe village.  And in 1988 The Revd Dr Ms Huang Guiying was part of the first Christian women’s delegation to the United Kingdom since China’s Open Door Policy (1979).

Wenchuan, Sichuan (2008) in response to a catastrophic earthquake that claimed the lives of nearly 80,000 people.  The money we raised was sent to the Amity Foundation, the Jinde Charities and the China Christian Council's Social Service Department. Our donations contributed both to initial relief efforts such as the provision of tents, food and drinking water, and to long-term rehabilitation projects, such as the equipping of schools now held in temporary buildings and an integrated reconstruction project in Woyun village, where over 90 percent of homes collapsed. Distinctively also, counsellors were trained to provide much needed long-term psycho-social services.  And assistance had been given to local congregations, both Protestant and Catholic, where churches, offices and centres were amongst damaged buildings.




Thanks to the fantastic efforts of one of our members, a significant sum of money was also donated to the Amity Foundation and used to assist the work of a church-run kindergarten in Hunan province, which cares for 50 children 'left behind' when their parents moved to the cities as migrant workers. Often children like these are left in the care of grandparents, who may not be able to provide for them properly and so some of the children live in the kindergarten where they had been sleeping in one huge adobe bed!  As well as chairs and desks, this gift helped to provide bunk-beds and also much needed staff continuing education training. 



Another children's project FCC has assisted is a home for the children of prisoners, near Xi'an in northwest China. This was the first of a very small number of such projects across the country, set up to help children who would otherwise fall through the support network. Winter clothing and bedding was needed for the 42 children in the Home, as was fuel for the heating system, which they couldn't afford to use! One of our FCC Study Visits had visited the Home and we were able to send a donation for these and other important items.

                            Dongzhou Children's Home
Childrens Project