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Through a range of opportunities the FCC and its partners give a chance for interaction with Chinese people in a variety of situations.  Remarkable things happen when people from very different backgrounds talk and work together! These programmes present unique opportunities to work together with local church, educational and development groups, providing deep cultural and personal insights for all involved in a relatively short space of time.



A Short Term Opportunity

The Summer English Programme (SEP) is a wonderful opportunity to spend a month in China, helping primary and secondary school Chinese teachers of English, many from rural areas, to develop their English language skills.

UPDATE: Dates for 2016 are 4thJuly - 1st August. - recruiting will begin in the New Year!

Download our 2016 leaflet. to get an idea of what is involved.

For more details read below and visit, or to express an interest, please contact FCC's SEP Coordinator, Angela Evans,

Interested in doing something different? 

Consider joining the FCC teams participating in the Amity Foundation's Summer English Programme (SEP).   The SEP provides Chinese teachers of English with a chance to upgrade their listening and speaking skills through an intensive four weeks of classroom and other activities with native or near-native English speakers (preferably educated to college level).  The goal of the SEP is to help these Chinese teachers become more comfortable using the English they already have, not necessarily to speak better although that often happens as a consequence!  It is also hoped that some of the classroom ideas and activities will encourage them to develop more interactive and stimulating classes for their students. 

The programme runs for four weeks, usually the beginning of July to the first week in August, which includes a time of briefing and debriefing in China, and three weeks at the team’s assigned location.  At each SEP location approximately 75-100 Chinese teachers take advantage of this unique opportunity.  When the SEP team arrives, one of the first tasks is to assign each teacher to a language level group following an oral assessment.  For the next three weeks the SEP volunteer develops classroom activities, games, music, movies and more to get the groups talking and sharing. 

SEP Teams

SEP volunteer teams are sent to more out-of-the-way locations in China in order to reach more rural teachers of English, many who never had the chance to speak with a native English speaker.  To name a few locations, in the last several years FCC’s teams have been sent to Baotou, Duolun and Ulanhot in Inner Mongolia; Dongying, Shandong; Mashan, Guangxi; and Bazhong, Suining and Luzhou in Sichuan province. 

As a volunteer, you need to be native or near native speakers of English and in good health. You can be a university student or retired, regardless you need to be below 70 years of age.   The UK and Ireland volunteers are grouped together in teams of between three and six volunteers.   

FCC holds an inquiry meeting in March, if you may be interested, and also a team planning meeting in May, for those choosing this opportunity. 


The SEP programme in-China cost is approximately £800 (US$1200).  Once in China all domestic travel related to the SEP experience, accommodation, and food are covered.  Also included in the price is a time of briefing and debriefing in China.  SEP volunteers are also responsible for their own international airfare, visa, travel insurance and spending money. 

For more information

For more detailed information about FCC’s SEP teams, how to apply, videos, teaching materials and testimonials, please see our dedicated website,

The Amity Foundation was initiated by Christians in China as a way of living the gospel of Jesus Christ in Chinese society and it one of China's oldest non-govermental organisations. It initiates projects in social welfare, health, education, rural development, relief and rehabilitation in nearly all of China's provinces.  Its NGO Development programme mentors small NGOS towards better and transparent implementation.  The Amity Printing Company, initiated in 1986 and located in Nanjing, is now one of the best and largest printers of the bible and Christian literature in the world.  For more information about The Amity Foundation please visit its

Clair Nobbs, for many years Coordinator of the FCC teams, reflects on the experience:

When asked how Amity Foundation’s Summer English Programme could be improved, one student replied "Please, get more people to come to China so more teachers can benefit from this programme."  And every SEP volunteer agrees that the biggest attraction of the SEP is the delightful Chinese English teachers in our classes.  Having a native English-speaker help to solidify their spoken English is a very rare thing.  In class discussions we learn much about each others’ culture and get to know each other very quickly.  Amity Foundation liaises with the local Education Dept. to help set up the programme.  They look after us very well. If you are a native, or near native, speaker of English you, too, can take part in this programme.  You will spend the month of July with a team of fellow English-speakers somewhere in China. Your hosts will proudly show you the scenic places of their area.    When the three weeks of teaching are over, you will be sad to leave all your new friends.   It is a wonderful experience and a great way to show our care for others.











Chinese teachers and FCC Summer English Programme volunteers enjoying afternoon activities.



The Association for International Teaching, Education and Curriculum Exchange (AITECE) is an independent, not-for-profit Catholic organization which sponsors foreign teachers and experts wishing to work in China.  Its goal is to enhance the English skills of young Chinese students and to promote international understanding and friendship between cultures.  Teachers receive an allowance and accommodation from the university.  Recruitment in December for an August start, and in September for a February start.  For further information, visit and Cultural Exchange with China,



This programme sponsored by the Amity Foundation is designed for people (aged 18-30) who are interested in a longer period exploring Chinese language and culture through a six-month exchange placement. The Programme includes a weekly schedule of 10 hours teaching oral English lessons with a reciprocal arrangement of Chinese lessons. Visits are arranged to local sites of cultural interest. The programme runs from August to January and applicants need to find funding of around £1500 in addition to their air fares. The fees cover a training programme, including a national conference, supervision and evaluation costs.  For more information visit the Contact Page and choose China Opportunities. 

Child learning






Young Adult volunteers can be placed with Chinese teaching staff who reach out to children in rural areas and in schools for the children of migrant workers. 



Especially catering for university students, the Amity Foundation's Service Learning Programme invites British and Irish students to travel to China for their summer holiday. Together with Chinese Nanjing University students, you will be given the opportunity to go to less developed parts of China and help train middle school teachers. Through serving together, the team of Chinese and British students builds strong bonds of friendship, and enables teachers from remote areas access to lively and enriching cultural exchange. Opportunities are also made available to visit other Amity Foundation projects such as the Home of Blessings, schools for the children of migrant workers and rural development projects. 

For more information visit the Contact Page and choose China Opportunities. 

Teaching In China


FCC organises occasional Study Visits to China and these visits provide an opportunity not only to see a range of China’s cultural and historical sights, but also to meet with Christian communities across the country and to see first-hand a range of community projects. Hosted by the China Christian Council and the Amity Foundation, such encounters enable the group members to gain a real insight into people’s lives and to visit places often well off the beaten track. Over the years we have built up connections in different areas of China and for each Study Visit we try to include a mixture of localities previously visited, in order to strengthen our links, and to explore new areas.

A recent itinerary went from Beijing into central China and then up to the northwest, via the ancient capital of Xi’an, home of the Terracotta Warriors, into Gansu province, which lies along the Silk Road.

Another Study Visit included Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Henan and Hunan provinces, and ended with a visit to Guangzhou and a couple of days in Hongkong. Visits usually last just under three weeks including travelling time, and previous all-inclusive costs have been in the region of £2,000-£2,500.  We try to keep costs as close to this as the economic climate and exchange rates will allow! Group numbers are usually 12-15 people.

To contact us about our Study Visits, visit the Contact Page and choose China Opportunities.

Study Group Visit