A Prayer for 25 years of Partnership:


Gracious God,

Your church in China and friends of the Church in China everywhere rejoice that we are one body in Christ.

We bring you

  • our gratitude for 25 years of partnership
  • our joy that so many lives have been changed by the gospel message
  • the pain we share whenever one limb of the body suffers
  • our commitment to working together for the coming of your kingdom
  • our love: for one another, for our neighbours nearby and far away, and for you,

in Christ our Lord. 


Portrait of old lady earthquake zone A Prayer for the FCC and its work:

We give thanks to God for 25 years in the life of FCC

For the renewal of relationships between the churches in the UK and Ireland with the Church in China, Catholic and Protestant.

For the friendships re-made and new friendships forged.

For the faithful witness of so many in good times and in bad.

For the continuing growth of your Church in China and for the contribution it is making to the life of the Chinese people.

For the lives of Christians in China that both humble and inspire.

For the inspiring power of the Gospel, transforming lives and providing hope.

For the leadership of the Church in China: for bishops, priests and diocesan leaders of the Catholic Church; for the China Christian Council and for the pastors and leaders of churches and meeting points, registered and unregistered.

For the work of the Amity Foundation, Jinde Charities and others in providing for those in need and seeking to bring sustainable development to those who are poor.

For all these, we give thanks O Lord.

So we pray for the work of the FCC in future years, for the present Committee and for all our members. May we continue to flourish, ever seeking to nurture our relationships with friends in China, and always sensitive to their circumstances, always willing to learn, and remaining faithful to the hope that is in us, in Jesus Christ Our Lord.      



God bless China:

its cities, towns and countryside -

with fertility for the land
clean air to breathe
a stable, just economy
fair shares for all
respect for differences
support for the weak.

Grant to the young, mature and old alike
healthy bodies
lively minds
safe living and working conditions
freedom to question, change and grow.

Bless the authorities with wisdom
officials with gentle sensitivity
the church with confidence and joy
the people with happiness and love.

With peace, friendship and co-operation
at home and abroad

God, bless China



The FCC Prayers - Great Wall of China

God of many names
   God of all peoples
    God of China

No great wall
 can keep you out

no great dam
 stop your love flowing.

From mountain to sea
in paddy field and city
you walk with your people,
 you see

In you
strangers become friends

and so

we weep for China's pain
 sing of China's faith
  pray with China's people
   hope for China's future

Lord God of all people